100 year old Norton that we will be preparing for the 2016 Cannonball run. This bike is fairly complete and in good condition for its age. It must have been restored at some point in time. Documentation provided with the bike suggests that it was last running in 1961. It has a unique motor number that has puzzled flat tank Norton experts.  There are no factory records before 1916 which presents somewhat of a challenge. We intend to fully rebuild/restore this bike into superb shape, so that it can ride coast to coast next year.


Made a roller out of a pile of parts we have been gathering for a while. This is a 1950 Thunderbird. We have accounted for 80% of the parts and hardware. Has all the correct dated parts like the carburetor, voltage regulator, and oil tank. Even found the hard to get air cleaner assembly. NOS Lycett seat and springs. We have a few more parts for it, and a small list of other things we are missing. This is a great restoration project.


A few photos from the Sonoma trip. Mostly from Dick Mann”s place in Nevada. We traversed the west for two weeks with the Daytona winning BSA. Without a doubt being hosted by Dick Mann for an afternoon was the highlight of the trip. We talked about racing for hours. When we pulled up to his place he was out working in his shop, where he is still building British bikes. Thanks to everybody that helped make this experience happen.